5 Type of Coffee Machines

A coffee machine helps you out on those groggy mornings when all you want to do is just get back in your bed and sleep like a baby. But as tempting as that sounds, we all have jobs to do and offices to reach. So having a coffee every day has become a necessity for us to function well in our office and get our work done on times.

So how many types of coffee machines are out there? Well, there are numerous types of coffee machines depending on the capacity and requirements but mainly there are five types of coffee makers:

  1. Percolators

One of the simplest and most used coffee machines in the 19th century, this apparatus is constructed for your safety and convenience. It has a simple design with two sections, one section is filled with water and the other section contains coarsely ground coffee. This device can brew around 4-12 cups of coffee with ease at a time. All you need to do is boil the water using a heat source and the water will slowly start passing through the channel and drip back down passing through the ground coffee presenting you with a coffee of desired aroma and taste.

  1. French Presses

For strong coffee, French presses are the best device as they are quick and simple to use. All you have to do is pour some hot water into it with coarsely ground coffee and then plunge the plunger which is fixed with the wire mesh to filter the residue. A small sediment will get collected as it does not use a paper filter but you would get a delicious, dark coffee in just a matter of minutes.

  1. Drip Coffee Machines

One of the simplest machines to use, Drip coffee machines are great for those people who are fond of filter coffee. This coffee machine consists of a filter which can either be a paper filter or a metal/plastic filter. Paper filter tends to remove all the extra oils from coffee giving you a rich taste in your coffee but the same cannot be said for metal or plastic filters. In paper filter, you will need to replace it with a new filter after every brew whereas, in the case of metal or plastic filter, you will just need to clean it every time you brew.

Drip Coffee machines further come in two types: Automatic and Manual. Automatic drip coffee machines spray hot water over the filter which contains coarsely ground coffee whereas in a manual coffee machine, you can take as long as to pour water over the ground coffee to give it the desired taste.

  1. Single Cup Makers

As the name suggest, this type of coffee machine is great for making one cup of coffee at a time and is great for those households where there aren’t many regular coffee drinkers. It uses prepackaged pods or cups which can be fit inside any type of machine. The pod contains the ground coffee and a small filter and when hot water is poured into the pod, it passes through the filter providing you with a fresh cup of a coffee with the push of a button.

  1. Espresso Coffee Machines

Although Espresso Coffee Machines sound a little intimidating, these provide you with the best type of coffees and beverages like Cappucino and Latte. It provides you with a rich coffee taste and is worth the extra effort required for using it. It comes in three types: Semi-Automatic, Automatic and Fully Automatic depending on the pump method and pressure method.

The semi-Automatic machine uses pump technique whereas Automatic machines use pressure technique, they force boiling water through finely ground coffee directly into the small cup giving you with a richly smelling espresso.

The Evolution of Mexican Cuisine

Cheese is very significant to Mexican dishes for eg. chile relleno. American’s views about mexican has constantly been changing since the 1940s. American cartoon shows such as bugs bunny has also shown the pig as the Mexican food roadside seller offering hot tamales that are very spicy and fiery to have it in the first place. But Alas, for a long time there was a disconnect between the american and Mexican citizens. This a long time back in the history and today’s american’s citizens are pretty much different from that time.

Today’s american’s totally love Mexican food and have it on a daily basis.We wish to see that this present interest will last or will it vanish away like it never was? Many of the majority food chains have Mexican food in their menu and some of the food chains have Mexican food as the foundation food. Mexican food has spread like fire in to the american cuisine. Some of the examples that have become daily staple in the american diets are cilantro, chipotle, ancho, masa and poblano.

Mexican food has taken very long to settle in to the american food history. The history of Mexican cuisine is very weird of sorts. It is estimated that Mexican food has been originated from the mayan Indians. Mayans travelled extensively and picked up what the liked and included that in to their cuisine.

After the Spanish attack in 1521, Spanish food had the most impact on the Mexican food. Mexican food has suffered a lot and can relate and trace its origins from many cultures such as Caribbean, South American, French, West African and Portuguese.As a result of this Mexican foods can change from place to place.

Easy Healthy Mexican Meals

You can easily eat healthy meals, even when you be occupied (e). All you need is a good plan. Spend a few minutes each week to plan your meals and snacks. This will allow you to serve your meal faster while saving time and money.


Protein should be included at every meal of the day and breakfast is no exception. Be sure to include organic eggs, cottage cheese coarse, raw nut butter or smoked fish as one component of your healthy breakfast. Carbohydrates should also be included in the form of oatmeal, sprouted grain bread, fruit and / or vegetables.

Here are some good mexican breakfasts:

  • Oats with almond butter, topped with fresh berries and a little stevia to sweeten.
  • 2 boiled eggs, 1 slice of toast with sprouted grains and ½ grapefruit.
  • Smoked salmon on a sliced ​​tomato and 1 green apple .


The same rules as for breakfast apply. An easy way to ensure that you always have a healthy protein available for lunch is to pack leftovers from dinner the night before. The hamburger leftovers, chicken legs or wild fish are all great to include in a salad or vegetables.

  • Tilapia baked on sautéed spinach, green salad with chick peas (oil and vinegar as dressing) followed by 80 g of pineapple.
  • Leftover chicken legs with ½ sweet potato and broccoli.
  • A lean hamburger on portobello mushrooms and brown rice. Cooked vegetables or a green salad. 1 orange.


You can really get creative for dinner. Look for recipes that are quick and easy and modify them with your own healthy ingredients needs. Again, do not forget to include protein and carbohydrates.

Here are three examples of excellent dinners:

  • Mexican salad: ground beef on salad and cut tomatoes, guacamole and brown rice.
  • Salmon grilled asparagus, green salad (oil and vinegar dressing) followed by a fresh fruit salad.
  • Meatballs buffalo on rice pasta with sautéed broccoli.

Mexican Delight

Mexico is not all about blue waters and different culture. Mexican food is loved all over the globe. People only think there are burritos and wraps in the mexican cuisine but you will realize they are mistaken. The aforementioned things are only the principal course.

As you go futher in to mexico, you will get to know the techniques of home cooking in mexico. It is known that mexicans got their food from the mayan indians 2000 years ago. Everything is rich in taste and have amazing aroma.

The mayans obviously lived very carefully and fed on beans,corn,peppers,chicken,turkey and that has been derived in to the mexican food. Mexican food has a different aroma and is more spicy than your usual north hemisphere countries. Whatever we say, mexican food continues to amaze us.