Grilled baked sweet bamboo tube

Beef baked bamboo tube retains the original sweet aroma of beef, add little spicy aromas of pepper is very attractive.

Grilled baked sweet bamboo tube

Raw materials for baking bamboo tubes

– 200g beef
– 3 green peppers
– 2 green vegetables
– 3 leaves smell the train
– 1 lemongrass
– 1 dry onion
– 3 garlic cloves
– Seasoning: fish sauce, seasoning, sugar, pepper
– 0.5 kg of charcoal
– 1 piece of bamboo tube about 15 – 20 cm.

How to make beef baked bamboo tube

– Beef is washed, sliced to eat.
– Green pepper beat.
– Vegetables, the smell of the ship picked up clean, chopped.
– Sliced lemongrass.
– Onions, garlic peeled, crushed and then chopped.
– Marinate beef with fish sauce, sugar, pepper, garlic and seasoning wedge.
– Wash the bamboo tube and add marinated beef into the tube. Then you give vegetables, green pepper, and lemongrass.
– Burning charcoal, bamboo tube to bake for about 10 – 20 minutes. When the meat is cooked, cut a piece of bamboo tube to reveal the beef.
– Place the bamboo tube on the dish, sprinkle with pepper, coriander, eat hot. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, lime or soy sauce.

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