Territorial Mexican Food

The Mexican cuisine is very rich in taste, gritty and different everywhere because their cuisine involves food taken from every part of mexico.

Mexico can be a described a Wonderhouse of spices and fiery food. The upper part is noted for meat and cheese.

Bajio district contains lots of rice and pork dishes whereas the south pacific district is known for growing huge quantity of bean stew pepper, chicken, and cheddar.

The southern area is usually known for  corn and flavors. The gulf area predominantly is known for corn and vanilla.

Famous Mexican dishes

  • Pico de gallo is a wonderful dish with blend of tomato,onions,cilantaro and peppers.It can be taken with different varieties of mexican breads.
  • Enchiladas are tortilla rolls filled with either chicken, fish,potato,beans or different things.
  • Taco is the most famous thing in the Mexican cuisine. Tacos are of various types and can filled with various type of fillings.

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