The Evolution of Mexican Cuisine

Cheese is very significant to Mexican dishes for eg. chile relleno. American’s views about mexican has constantly been changing since the 1940s. American cartoon shows such as bugs bunny has also shown the pig as the Mexican food roadside seller offering hot tamales that are very spicy and fiery to have it in the first place. But Alas, for a long time there was a disconnect between the american and Mexican citizens. This a long time back in the history and today’s american’s citizens are pretty much different from that time.

Today’s american’s totally love Mexican food and have it on a daily basis.We wish to see that this present interest will last or will it vanish away like it never was? Many of the majority food chains have Mexican food in their menu and some of the food chains have Mexican food as the foundation food. Mexican food has spread like fire in to the american cuisine. Some of the examples that have become daily staple in the american diets are cilantro, chipotle, ancho, masa and poblano.

Mexican food has taken very long to settle in to the american food history. The history of Mexican cuisine is very weird of sorts. It is estimated that Mexican food has been originated from the mayan Indians. Mayans travelled extensively and picked up what the liked and included that in to their cuisine.

After the Spanish attack in 1521, Spanish food had the most impact on the Mexican food. Mexican food has suffered a lot and can relate and trace its origins from many cultures such as Caribbean, South American, French, West African and Portuguese.As a result of this Mexican foods can change from place to place.

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